H70: Building An Ortholinear Split Keyboard 2022-10-25 A 3D printed, hand wired, RP2040 based custom ortholinear split keyboard

Suitcase: A self-contained encrypted file 2022-03-30 Using Go embed to distribute encrypted files

Writing a Gemini Search Engine 2022-03-23 My experiments with Gemini and AWS

ServerZero: A Raspberry Pi home server 2021-12-12 My home server setup

Writing a FUSE filesystem in Go 2021-05-25 A simple introduction to bazil/fuse

Smoke Simulations in Rust using Bevy 2021-05-13 A simple smoke simulation in Rust using Bevy in under 100 lines of code.

OAuth and PKCE flow - Part 1 2020-11-23 A simple introduction to OAuth and different OAuth flows

Obliwonk - An automatic profile README updater 2020-07-12 Create self updating GitHub profile READMEs

Tiny Basic Interpreter 2019-12-26 My experiments with writing a Tiny Basic interpreter in C

Writing a BrainFuck interpreter in Golang 2019-12-23 A quick and dirty brainfuck interpreter in Golang.